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CD Release: The Long Hill Ramblers – Beauty and Butchery

The first album from the Long Hill Ramblers with Laura Hockenhill, Ben Paley and Tab Hunter and me. Again some very nice reviews 🙂

“Laura Hockenhull’s effortless vocal style captures the essence of traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic. With the backing of Dan Stewart (banjo & mandolin) and the internationally acclaimed duo of fiddler Ben Paley and guitarist Tab Hunter on vocal harmonies, this is a band which combines flawless technique with subtlety and imagination. By turns exuberant and heartfelt, their live performances are an unconfined joy!….”  – Stuart Reed, February 2013

“Hunter, Paley and Stewart are all widely-acknowledged masters of their instruments but there isn’t a trace of the dry, sterile, academic virtuosity that afflicts the recordings of too many for whom it all comes very easily – rather a real sense that these chaps are using their ears as much as their fingers….”  – Steve Hunt, fRoots Magazine


To download the press release including details of how to order, please click here.


Beauty and Butchery

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