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Rattle On The Stovepipe

RATTLE ON THE STOVEPIPE (Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper and Dan Stewart) explore the interwoven worlds of traditional British and Appalachian songs, ballads, and music. Morris dances flow into their Old Time Appalachian counterparts, Minstrel songs brought to Britain in the 19th century are resurrected via the singing of Cotswold rural labourers, while English jigs and Scottish pipe tunes evolve into fiddle and banjo reels, while 18th century British ballads, as heard from source singers in the mountains and ‘hollers’ of Kentucky, Georgia and N.Carolina, reappear in more democratic guise.


Dave ArthurDAVE ARTHUR was known originally as half of the duo Dave and Toni Arthur, touring all over the world, and recording albums for Topic, Transatlantic, and Leader. As well as singing English songs, dancing  and playing for the Morris, Dave gained a considerable reputation as a researcher, collector, writer and broadcaster on English song, music, and folklore. He edited English Dance and Song for twenty years, and in 2003 was awarded the EFDSS Gold Badge for services to folk music. Alongside his passion for British traditional music Dave has always loved and played American Old Time music on banjo and guitar. He has regularly visited the Appalachian  region since his first American tour in 1972, where he has collected songs, stories, and tunes, and played with some of the finest traditional performers. His first Old Time album, as half of The Rufus Crisp Experience, was Chickens are a Crowin’ (Fellside FECD 113)


Pete CooperPETE COOPER is a respected fiddle teacher, researcher, writer and performer. His interest in Old Time music began in the 1970s when he spent time in West Virginia, and later N.Carolina, with some of the best of the, then, young revival players, as well as soaking up the style of the original source performers. Pete teaches English, Irish, Scottish, Old Time and other fiddle styles at his own London Fiddle School, and on courses around the British Isles. He also plays in a duo with cellist Richard Bolton (The Savage Hornpipe. Big Chain BC103 CD). He has released several other albums of both traditional and original fiddle tunes, and has published several fiddle tutor books for Mel Bay and Schott Publishing.



Whenever Rattle On The Stovepipe are booked to play at my local folk club, The Royal Oak in Lewes, I’m first in the queue to make sure I get my seat in the front row. This engaging trio inspires in me the same devotion that old Virginia musicians like Wade Ward and Uncle Charlie Higgins do. There is that same sweetness, ease, subtlety and good humour, every song and tune so well understood, so deftly played and so perfectly paced. Dave, Pete and Dan are all master musicians, but there is no sense of ego, no promotion of themselves as stars, although they certainly can dazzle. They are completely at home with the music they love, and can switch comfortably from American to English songs and tunes…
As you’ll have gathered, I love them...’ – Shirley Collins


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